Marriage and Property in Thailand

Marriage and Property in Thailand

If you are getting married in Thailand and are considering buying property then think about what would happen if the marriage goes South and you get divorced in Thailand where foreigners may not own land or a house directly in their name. Consider a usufruct or a prenuptial agreement for protection. Consider marriage in Thailand with regards to property ownership and how best to protect yourself.


Most expats who live in Thailand with large property investments start off with a prenuptial agreement in Thailand. They do this to ensure that the property remains thiers if anything goes wrong. The other option for those who do own a single house is to have a usufruct registered over the property. This ensure that you have the right to use the property if the property is being placed in your wifes name. Now, this might not sound romantic however in a divorce it is that usufruct over the property that would give you leverage as your wife cannot sell or lease the house until you have given up your rights in the usufruct over the house.

Consider what if these do happen to you. Think of a prenuptial agreement or a usufruct in Thailand as a spare wheel in your car. You hope you never need to use it, however it you do need to use it then at least you have it. Much the same it all starts with a clear view of reality and caution. Speak to our lawyers in Phuket or Krabi about your property investments and how best to protect your property in Thailand.



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